Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start using my new number with magicJack Spark? When can I start making calls and sending text messages?

You will receive your new telephone number via email after creating your magicJack Spark account online. Setting up your account may take up to ten minutes, and once you receive the email, use the included link to download the app.

After logging into magicJack Spark for the very first time, all features are immediately available: you can make and receive telephone calls, send and receive texts, set up your voicemail, and more!

Can I call as well as send and receive text messages to any phone number?

Yes! You can call and text SMS messages to any phone number in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

Calls to 900 numbers, phone chat services, traffic pumping services, and some U.S. territories are excluded. Limited in some areas such as Alaska. See our Subscriber Agreement for additional limitations.

How do I add friends into my contact list?

magicJack Spark uses the contacts from your smartphone's address book. You can also add your friends directly to your contact list from inside the app, by tapping on the "+" button in the Contacts tab. After friends are added, you can make calls or send SMS texts. You'll always receive calls to your new second line, even if the contact isn't stored in your phone.

What phone number will my second line have?

You can request the area code for your second telephone number during account setup online and we will assign the rest of the number.

I'm a magicJack user. Can I use that account for magicJack Spark?

No, since magicJack Spark is a separate app, your account will be different from magicJack devices. You can create your magicJack Spark account at

I have a magicJack device and was told there is a companion app. Is this it?

No, magicJack Spark is a completely separate offer from magicJack devices. Those with a magicJack device will still have access to magicApp as their companion device and should use their magicJack device account information to sign in.

Will the magicJack Spark use up all my data?

Nope! magicJack Spark is best used over WiFi for the best call quality, connectivity, and experience. If the service is used over a mobile carrier 3G/4G/LTE data network, carrier data charges may apply for phone calls.

Texting is unlimited through the magicJack Spark, even if you're not connected to WiFi.

Can I use the magicJack Spark on either an iOS or Android smartphone?

Yes. The magicJack Spark app is available for download from the App Store for use on an iPhone or iPad and from the Play Store for Android smartphones.

Still have questions?

Submit a support request ticket at and we will get back to you within 24 business hours or call us at 1-877-618-0351 Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm EST to get all the answers you need.